Friday, October 23, 2015

Soothe a Sore Throat

Now is the time of year when people experience both allergies and colds, making for a lot of sore throats! Sore throats can be caused by viruses, such as cold and flu, bacteria such as strep, and drainage from allergies. A sore throat can be painful and very irritating! To help ease a sore throat, consider these natural approaches:

Hot Liquids. Drinking lots of fluids helps to keep mucus thin, making it easier to clear from the throat. Hot liquids, such as broths and herbal teas, offer great comfort and soothing relief.

Immune Nutrients. Vitamin C and Zinc are two nutrients that can be taken in lozenge or chewable form to support the immune system and fight any infection causing a sore throat. Ionic silver can also help fight bacteria in the throat when used in spray form.

Herbal Relief. Soothing herbs, such as propolis and mullein, help to fight infections through their antibacterial actions. Ginger’s warming properties help increase circulation and healing. Another herb that stands out for throats and cough is Osha. Osha is a traditional remedy used by Native Americans for respiratory infections, including cough.  If there is a cough with your sore throat, Osha can help ease the cough or make it more productive, helping to open air passageways in the lungs. Herbs such as these can be found in portable, convenient sprays that give instant relief, while also fighting the root cause of your sore throat.