Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stopping Turkey Day Tummy Troubles

Let the holiday feasting begin! I love Thanksgiving and all it represents. I love the family gathering, the pause for reflection and, of course, the turkey dinner. Unfortunately, the overindulgence in food can result in indigestion, heartburn and gas, oh my! This year, be ready for Thanksgiving and all of your holiday parties. With a little planning, you can alleviate digestive issues and enjoy your holidays even more. Here are my tips for staving off common tummy troubles.
1. Try it all, but in smaller portions. You CAN load your plate, just take smaller spoonfuls of everything so you don’t feel deprived.
2. Slow it down. Eat more consciously, taking time to chew and enjoy the flavors, and to enjoy the company at the table.
3. Pass the enzymes around! Enzymes are compounds that break down food into structures that make the body work. A lack of enzymes can result in difficulty digesting food, ending in indigestion, gas and bloating. An enzyme complex can help enhance digestion.
4. Get quick relief from minerals. If you do end up with indigestion and heartburn, take a blend of alkaline minerals like magnesium and potassium hydroxide, which act quickly, and calcium carbonate, a longer lasting mineral. These help buffer the acid in the stomach, reducing irritation as well as soothing sore stomach tissue. In addition, these minerals do not interfere with the normal and very essential gastric acid secretions, as many over-the-counter medications do.
5. Soothe with zinc-carnosine. If you have occasional heartburn, or have previously had ulcers, zinc-carnosine is a good option. I occasionally use a product called Paragon Plus Ulcease, which contains zinc-carnosine that provides protection against damage to the stomach lining, while promoting healing of the stomach lining. Ulcease also provides a soothing benefit from Mastic Gum, and I find it gives pretty quick relief.
This holiday, enjoy your feast and family, and keep those tummy troubles away! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!