Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Is the summer heat zapping your energy levels? Here are a few suggestions for boosting your energy levels naturally during the hot summer months.

1. Stay hydrated. Replenish your body to avoid fatigue with PH balanced water. Those with electrolytes are best on these hot days. Another popular summer refresher is coconut water which is naturally rich in electrolytes, or a refreshing ready to drink real green tea.

2. Utilize herbs for an instant burst of energy. I’m not talking about those big energy drinks, but a good herbal formula with Japanese green tea and other herbs can help give you the boost you need. For best results look for a formula that has herbs both for instant energy and for long term energy.

3. Boost adrenal glands for long-term energy. Those little glands that sit on top of your kidneys are critical for maintaining balance in the body. When you are under stress, these glands need extra support. When they don’t get it the result can be fatigue and even illness. Thankfully, certain nutrients like pantothenic acid and vitamin C, and adaptogen herbs like ginseng, help to nourish and boost adrenal gland function and support long term energy and endurance in the body.

I often suggest a formula by Paragon Plus called Energy Enhance because it addresses both instant energy and long-term energy with herbs and adrenal support. It’s one way to fight fatigue naturally when the heat is on.